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Unpopular (Vegan) Opinions

1. Nutritional yeast does not taste like cheese. Sometimes I feel like the whole vegan internet is playing a massive joke on me. Every day I see a recipe on instagram for a “cheese sauce” that’s just cashews and nutritional yeast, and there are always a hundred comments raving about how it tastes just like […]

Savory breakfasts, no eggs required

Every non-vegan has a handful of foods that they think they could never give up–cheese is a common example. Admittedly, these worries are sometimes valid: I’ve been vegan for almost a year and I still crave fish every so often. But sometimes the difficulty is purely imaginary. You may even find that removing certain ingredients […]

Blend Now, Think Later

For as long as I have been lurking on food blogs, I have been hearing about high-speed blenders, but I never quite understood what all the fuss was about. High-speed blenders are pricey, plus fancy kitchen appliances are always a nuisance to clean–I always assumed I was better off without one. But a few months […]

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