Vegan Sick-Person Food

I’ve had a bit of a stomach bug this past week, so I didn’t cook anything exciting. In fact I didn’t even enter the kitchen, because I was self-isolating in case my symptoms were actually sneaky COVID. (I’ve since tested negative twice, so no worries!) Therefore I’ve just been eating toast, ramen, and frozen things, kindly delivered to my door by my boyfriend. On the bright side, I have discovered some exciting new low-effort vegan foods.


1. Mi Goreng Stir-Fry Noodles — definitely the sick-person-food winner. I guess I’m a food snob because I had forgotten how delicious packaged ramen can be. The fried onion flavor was fantastic. The package recommends stir-frying, but J just brought these to me ramen-style and I added the seasoning packets, which was ideal for rehydrating when sick.

2. Sweet Earth Big Sur Breakfast Burrito — I was impressed by the flavor of these burritos. I guess the dominant taste was paprika, but it was well-balanced by the overall sweetness and richness of the filling. The texture was also nice, although I could have lived without the little chunks of seitan. I thought there was too much wrap and not enough filling, but it wasn’t as much of an issue as with the Amy’s Samosa Wrap (below).

3. Hodo Tofu Veggie Burgers — I can’t believe I haven’t tried these before. They were so, so satsifying, with a firm, meaty texture and a browned, crispy exterior. They definitely tasted tofu-y, so you probably won’t like them if you’re not a tofu fan, but if you are, I recommend you get some as soon as possible. I can see cutting these up for wraps and adding them to stir fries as well as eating them burger-style. I’m super excited to try the rest of Hodo’s prepared tofu options.

4. Gardein Be’f and Country Vegetable Soup — When I was little I really liked Progresso soups, especially Beef and Barley, but I was always weirded out by the meat in them. It wasn’t an ethics thing (alas), I just figured that they were probably very low-quality cuts of meat and likely contained bits of veins or tendons or organs. I am pleased to announce that Gardein’s Be’f and Country Vegetable soup is just as delicious as the meaty soups I used to love, without the ick-factor and ethical issues.


1. Imagine Creamy Broccoli Soup — This soup tasted more like rubber than broccoli. Nor did drinking it give me a healthy feeling, since the texture was more starchy than vegetable-y. Broccoli soup in general is a borderline food, and getting it from a box was just the wrong call.

2. Amy’s Indian Samosa Wrap – Don’t get me wrong, the filling was quite tasty, but there was so little of it and so much tortilla that the entire experience was mainly frustrating. Just made me wish I could run to the kitchen and make my own aloo mattar!

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